We want to magnify Christ Jesus in and through the lives of students.   

Our goal is to teach, disciple, and encourage the teens at Calvary Church in such a way that students would, by Gods grace, come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.  Our prayer for each of our students is that God would produce in them, by the power of His Word through the Spirit, a biblical confidence of who they are in Christ Jesus that would result in a God oriented life that flows from a heart that loves God and seeks to please and worship Him in all things.  Our long-term goal for the youth ministry is to disciple young men and women to a mature and active faith that is joined with the body of Christ(local church) in their mission to glorify God in the world, joyfully worship the Savior, lead lost souls to Christ, and disciple, encourage, and strengthen the people of God .


cc.youthgroup "I'm thankful for all the deep spiritual conversations I've had with others in the youth group and for great biblical teaching. Also for the community that we have where I can share my struggles and be met with encouragement and prayer from those around me. All in all I'm just super thankful to the Lord for everyone in the youth group, whether it be our youth pastor, friends, or covenant leaders, who have really helped me grow in my walk with Christ." -Allison

Caleb T.png

cc.youthgroup "I'm thankful for youth group leaders that genuinely care about us and want to help us. And for a youth group where we are all friends and where we are free to talk and help each other." 😆 -Caleb Tague

cc.youthgroup"I'm thankful for a youth group family who's genuinely concerned about my spiritual growth. The constant encouragement I receive from other teens and youth sponsors is overwhelming." 💕 -Kaylee

cc.youthgroup"I'm super thankful for such an amazing youth group family. I love how everyone can relax and goof off and just be honest with each other. I'm thankful for our youth group sponsors and leaders. I appreciate them so much. When I say it feels like family, I mean it." ☺️ -Shawna Wright