We are blessed by God to have a public school administration that understands the great benefit that Weekly Religious Education (WRE) brings to our students and community. WRE scheduling is based on the Plainfield public school calendar. Fourth grade Plainfield public school students have the options to remain at school and participate in “specials” or to travel to one of several WRE programs that last for approximately one hour, once a week. 


Watch the video below to see what students think about the independent WRE program


Here is an overview of WRE:  

  • At Calvary, WRE teaches a chronological curriculum through the entire Bible, both Old and New Testaments, over the course of the academic year.

  • The kids learn the books of the Bible, by name, in order, to music!

  • They learn a series of catechism questions and answers to help them remember who God is and what life can really be like as we enjoy Him.

  • Each child receives his/her own Bible as a gift to use in class and to take home at the end of the year.

  • The hour is packed with games, singing, and fun with their van drivers and teachers!

About the WRE Independent program

  • Our vans pick up students to bring them from their elementary schools to WRE.

  • WRE students meet at Calvary Church Tuesday and Thursday afternoon during the school year (Brentwood and Clarks Creek on Tuesday; Central and Van Buren on Thursday).

  • Class is 40 minutes long.

    • The first 25 minutes is lesson time.

    • The last 15 minutes is interactive learning time.

  • Each child receives his/her own Bible, which is theirs to keep after the program is complete.

Lesson Time


As we chronologically study the Bible during lesson time, our students will learn who God is, as well as what our relationship is to Him. We want our students to gain a greater understanding of God through studying both the Old and New Testaments. Our journey through the Bible begins in Genesis, as we learn about the creation of the world and God’s first promise to send a Savior.  Then, as we study the Old Testament books of the Bible, we see how God remains faithful to His promises and people. We learn about prophets, priests, and kings in the Old Testament, all of whom point to the coming Messiah. 

The second half of the year, we study the New Testament, including the life of Jesus Christ (birth, miracles, and what He taught), His death, burial, resurrection, ascension into heaven, and future return.

Interactive Learning

During our interactive learning time students learn key Bible verses to  understand the overall theme of the Bible. We also learn ALL 66 books of the Bible by song! Over the course of the year, our students memorize 19 answers (based on the Bible) to questions such as, who is God?  What is Faith?  What is sin?  Will God allow sin to go unpunished? What do we believe by true saving faith?  
Students will also enjoy an occasional party, game, or activity during this time. 


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