When is your primary service?

Sundays at 10AM


How long is your service?

Our worship services typically last about 90 minutes.


What is the worship service like?

We believe that we ought to simply and enthusiastically worship in the way God revealed in His Word. Some sing and listen quietly, others are more loud and expressive, and many are somewhere in the middle. We want to learn from each generation God has graced, so our music is a blend of traditional music, modern adaptations of traditional songs, and modern songs. Our goal is to be doctrinally accurate and to clearly communicate truth from God through music. The preaching seeks to be God-honoring, Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, and Bible-based. Click here to view some of our most commonly sung songs.


What should I wear?

We are a come-as-you-are or wear-what-you-want group of people. Clothing, like all of life, simply expresses the heart that God has reached or is reaching. We are ready to receive in love what God is doing in each life.


Where should I park?

Where do I go once I enter?

Click here or the image to the right to see a layout of the interior of Calvary Church.


Do you provide childcare?

Yes! Newborns to 2-year-olds have a separate area in which they spend the whole service being cared for and taught by our leaders. Children 2 years old to second grade worship with us for the first half of our services and then move to our education center for a Bible lesson designed for their age level.


Do you offer bible study classes?

Yes, they are Sundays at 9AM and are offered for all age groups. You will hear these called Foundations classes, as they are foundational to our mission of becoming more and more like Christ.


What if I am not a follower of Jesus?

Though we worship fervently and seek to do so with honesty, we despise manipulation and high-pressure tactics. You are invited to come, experience, enjoy, and, we trust, see God among us. If you have honest questions, we would be happy to work through them with you, with our Bibles open to hear God’s answers.

Can we help you schedule a visit?